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Eia Hawai`i kuauli o makou e noho paha i ke kulaiwi.
O na leo o Kupa`aina e…

Here is all of Hawai`i of the verdant green mountains in the homeland
where we live and where the voices of Native sons resound...

From Waianae to Kahalu`u, from the island of Kaua`i to the Kingdom of Tonga, from roots deep in the `aina to seeds newly planted by immigrants, Kupa`āina has a deep reverence for the land of Hawai`i and a global ancestral heritage. Six or seven or eight local guys who love the traditional Hawaiian sound drink deep from a calabash of cultures and influences. 

Kupa`āina was originally the name for every ad hoc band that Kevin Chang ever played with in Hawai`i, on the West Coast or in Japan. Now, the name references a range of identities created by Lau Aloua, Kalama Cabigon, Kevin Chang, Mark Lutwak, Alastar McNeil, Jay Santos, Stan Tibayan and Nakana Wong.

The genesis of Kupa`āina ’s style lay in its common love for traditional Hawaiian music. This expanded to draw on explorations into and inspirations from rock and roll, reggae, funk, Latin, ska, hip-hop and other influences. While eclectic, Kupa`āina's music remains rooted in the local experience, history and culture.

Since 2000, Kupa`āina has played hundreds of gigs, throughout Hawai`i, , with repeat performances at Ka Moloka`i Makahiki, Windward `Oahu Ho`olaulea, and the annual Kava Festival, events supporting  organizations such as Aloha United Way, KEY Project, Punana Leo o Kawaiaha`o, Na Lei Na`auao: the Native Hawaiian Charter School Alliance, Halau Ku Mana, Hui Malama, and the Bishop Museum, as well as local clubs, coffee shops, festivals, and Hawai`i’s underground luau circuit.

Kupa`āina's first album was released in 2004 by Kototama Productions . Kupa`āina is currently in the studio recording a new album, Ambassadors of Aloha.

More about the members of the band.

Kupa`āina performs Eo Mano Maoli at the 2006 Windward Ho`olaule`a.

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